Katie’s Fresh Lemonade – Grand Opening Today!!

There was a little cabin in the woods here. In past lives it had been an ice cream stand, a check-in booth at a campground, a staff cabin….

It got picked up and moved out of the woods….
brought down the road…

across the yard…

where it was planted between the Soap Shop and the Production Building.

It got a fresh paint job….

and some nice, big, bright, Lemons decorating its walls.

Today is the Official Grand Opening!!
Katie's Fresh Lemonade

~*~ Katie’s Fresh Lemonade ~*~

Drop by for a refreshing taste treat! Real, fresh squeezed Lemonade! Today Katie is serving her Regular Fresh Lemonade as well as her first Specialty – Lavender Lemonade!

Now while you’re here visiting us, playing with or feeding our kids, milking the Mama goats, treating us to corn and oats or even just stopping to buy soap, you can relax with a tall glass of cool, refreshing, real, fresh Lemonade!

Things just keep getting better and better around here! First the Farmer started using our milk to make soap, now the Farmer’s daughter is following in her mother’s entrepreneurial footsteps using lemons & lavender to make wonderfully refreshing drinks.

All of us here in the barn like the Farmer’s daughter a lot so, even though she didn’t let us join in the Lemonade taste testing (apparently there’s some silly rumour out there that goats don’t like Lemonade!) we’d like to wish Katie all the very best in her new venture and invite you all over to buy a tall glass of cool, refreshing, fresh-squeezed lemonade from Katie’s Fresh Lemonade stand!

I guess we’ll be seeing you all very soon!

Head Goat (& Lemonade Lover!)

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2 Responses to Katie’s Fresh Lemonade – Grand Opening Today!!

  1. Amy says:

    Hi Katie! I hope you have a great opening day today! That wind makes me thirsty!

  2. j says:

    Best looking lemonade stand I’ve ever seen – so fresh and welcoming – plus tasty drinks within … definitely a winner!! I’m thirsty too :-).

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