Goat Milk Ice Cream

icecream peppermint

Anyone in the Moncton area that would like a special treat for the holiday season, I am taking orders for goat milk ice cream.  I am coming over to Moncton on Saturday December 1st.  The containers are one litre and the favours to choose from are vanilla, candy cane, peppermint paddy, and chocolate.  Special price of $12.00

Place our order by email shop@greatcanadiansoap.com  or by phone 800-793-1644

Flavours: Vanilla, Candy Cane, Peppermint Paddy, and Chocolate

Price $12.00 per litre

Pick up at Champlain Mall



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First Snow Fall 2018

first snow.jpgAll the goats are moved into the main barn for the winter.  Breeding season has begun.  With a five month gestation we should start having kids mid April.  Just in time for your visit.

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Festive Soaps

Two new scent in time for the holiday season.  Apple and Cinnamon is the first one and  Cranberry, they smell just like their names.

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red road fall leaves.jpg

It is that time of year when summer is all tuckered out and fall wants to be let in.  The goats are missing all of the summer visitors, especially the grain treats.  Soon the cold days will be here and the goats will be spending time in the barn, waiting for spring once again.

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Kayaking on Wheatley River


The nights are getting cooler and the days shorter but there is still enough daylight for a paddle after supper with my kayaking buddy.

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Amazing Race Canada


What a beautiful day for the beginning of May!  As you know May can be dicey weather wise.  We could still get a miserable beating down cold rain that chills you to your core.  But not today,  it is race day.  Not just any race but the AMAZING RACE CANADA.   After a week of cleaning pens, spreading fresh straw and raking gravel the day is finally here.  The goats are brushed, and goatees trimmed, The goats are wondering what is going on. Milking stands in front of the shop? Strange people with cameras? Soap displays in the driveway?

Now the wait.  The teams are on the Island one of the film crew announced.  Next announcement the first team is leaving Charlottetown.    The first three teams have left the Table and went to plant potatoes and word came the rest followed.  All the people for CTV left when that announcement was made.

What a surreal feeling.  All the excitement and anticipation vanished.  Here we stood with the milking stands and all the goats waiting to be milked.  So, on to the immediate task, milking goats and then getting caught up on all the responsibilities we put on hold for the past week.

The busy summer started and the race day became a distant memory until last week it aired.  Prince Edward Island looked stunning.  The greens and reds were vibrant, the ocean a beautiful blue.  The people friendly, helpful and funny.  The show captured the beauty and the amazing people that live here.  What more could you ask for.

We are proud to be chosen for one of the stops.  It is too bad no one choose us but things have a way of working out.  We leant a lot and had fun.  Katie will give you your next clue will be apart of our family forever.



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What Ever Floats Your Goat

shutterstock_140119873.jpgThere is a new food magazine on Prince Edward Island called SALTY The Food Digest.  A few weeks ago Shannon chef editor from SALTY came out for a visit.  It is always wonderful to share your story and inspirations.  She captured mine in this months edition.  On the front page, no less.  Thank you Shannon and her team for creating a wonderful story.

What ever floats your goat.

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canningI feel this year more people are canning.   What I notice is the canning supplies in the store are sold out or almost sold out and people are talking about canning.  A lady came into the store and said she canned pickles all week.  She has not canned in years. We got started late but so far we made apple sauce, salsa and spaghetti sauce.

Are you canning this year?

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New Product Bundle for your face

family cartoon.jpg

Orange and Ylang Ylang Facial & Body Mineral Mud

Peach Lip Scrub

Citrus Toning Mist

Face Oil



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This great combination of oil can moisturize your face. Face and Hair Oil

ricebran oil.jpg

After lots of research and trying different oils this is the best formula.  It absorb quickly and leave the skin smooth and silkily. Here is the oils and some of their properties, that we use in your Face and Hair Oil formula. Rice Bran Oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential oils. It has a high percentage of fatty acids and unsaponifiables and is one of the best sources of tocotrienols, an antioxidant that may be much more powerful and effective than Vitamin E. It is a mild oil perfect for dry, flaky, sensitive, mature and delicate skin, Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E, carotenes, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  Argan Oil  is used to nourish the hair making it shiny and healthy looking. Camellia Seed helps improve the tone and texture of skin when dealing with the abuse of environmental elements. Jojoba Oil closely resembles the sebum of the skin, and is rich in vitamin E. This promotes a glowing complexion.  Evening Primrose Oil contains high levels of GLA essential fatty acids and is good for dry and mature skin.

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