Hand Milled Face Soap

We have been making Hand Milled Face Soap since the start of GCSC in 2003. At first is was a way to use the ends of the blocks that were not sellable. In 2007, Anna a summer student made Supersoap for oily and acne prone skin. She put every essential oil in the batch that would help with acne. Customers found a great improvement in their skin! Over the years we have tweaked the recipe. We now add ground oats and a bunch of carrier oils that are great for your face.

Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran; fast-absorption allowing it to soothe irritation quickly without clogging pores or adding oiliness

Pomegranate Oil

Pomegranate; contains a high level of vitamin C content. The oil helps in regulating the production of sebum, and oily secretion which may cause acne and oily skin

Camellia Seed

Camellia Seed Oil; is packed with fatty acids, but more importantly, it’s packed with antioxidants that produce an anti-inflammatory effect. The oil nourish the skin but also calms any inflammation, soothing acne prone skin and effectively fading redness.

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose; helps strengthen the skin barrier, reduces moisture loss, and causes the anti-inflammatory effects that can calm some of the lesions associated with acne, as well as the redness.

Marula Tree

Marula; oil makes a good moisturizer for oily skin and treating acne because it’s non-greasy. It also has antimicrobial properties and may be effective against the bacteria that contribute to the formation of pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. pimples

Abyssinian; it is a very lightweight oil and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or tacky. Calms and soothes problem prone skin. The oil helps control the overproduction of sebum, which can lead to acne prone skin.

Jojoba Seeds

Jojoba infused Chamomile; this oils molecular structure is very similar to your skin’s natural sebum. This makes it an excellent oil for oily skin to stop the overproduction of your own skins oil.

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