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Shannon, Alex, Conor, Em, Amy

By Email:

By Phone:

  • Toll Free 1-800-793-1644
  • Local Calls 902-672-2242

By Mail:

The Great Canadian Soap Co.
4224 Portage Road
Brackley Beach PE C1E 1Z3

Please note that by submitting communications to us, you agree to allow us to use any comments and/or images in our website, newsletter, promotional material or our communications with others. Thanks!

Visit our Shop:

We are open from 9:00am until 5:00pm, Monday through Saturday.

Clicking on the map below will bring up Google’s Street View of The Great Canadian Soap Company as it looked in the summer of 2009. We are in the middle of a major landscaping “makeover” so you’ll notice quite a few changes since 2009. We still have out big, vertical,  Canadian flags , the Shop looks the same & hasn’t moved and neither has our green barn.

1 Response to Contact the Humans

  1. Marjorie Ettinger says:

    My husband and I visited your store last summer. It is wonderful to hear of your trip to teach soap making, and the positive results. You have been a blessing to many. Marjorie

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