Response to COVID-19

As we were preparing to pour soap in the middle of March,and we decided to pour a few extra batches for the local food bank. Since washing hands often with soap is recommended to stop the spread of COVID-19 and the food banks in PEI were low on soap, that inspired a great idea. Let’s give our customers a means to support their food bank of choice, by offering boxes of soap for $50.00. Without knowing the response we ordered enough raw materials for 5,000 bars. April 11th, we sent out an email, with-in 48 hours all the 5,000 were spoken for. So we increased the amount to 8,000. We are now at 8,610.

Pouring, cutting, racking, labelling, bagging and boxing is an incredible amount of work. Some local homeschool families volunteered to label, bag and box 1,000’s of bars, to help with this overwhelming project we got ourselves into.

Now we are at the final stages of sorting where the soap is going and putting letters in the boxes letting the Food Banks know who donated the soap. Today the first boxes were delivered and shipped. The Upper Room Food Bank, Salvation Arm and Caring Cupboard received their soap today and Alberta’s food bank soap was shipped.

I am so grateful we have the most wonderful generous customers that want to help support their food banks. We are all in this together.

Stay save and wash your hands often,

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1 Response to Response to COVID-19

  1. Betty Jane Hawes says:

    Congratulations on your Covid  soap project !!!  BJBlakely  

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