Lactose Intolerant


Starting out on a new journey in life can be exciting and frustrating. The exciting part is feeling healthy and knowing what I can not eat now. The frustrating part is everything has some form of cow’s milk in it.  I feel I am experimenting with me body on how much diary I can have.  Can I eat a cookies with butter being the sixth ingredient?  No, that did not work.

I was complaining to Katie about being lactose intolerant.  Telling her about my love affair with butter,  and listing all the cheese I will miss eating, and whipped cream on my hot chocolate. Oh woe is me.  With no hint of sympathy Katie said “you have 50 milking goats and a licence diary”.  Well,… ok, she is right. “But what about…..” “Mom really, you are the most fortunate lactose intolerant person around.  Ok, Katie is right.  Kristopher is lactose intolerant, so I am not alone on this culinary journey.

Now the journey begins.

How to make Christmas treats without cow’s diary products.

Today we will try fudge.

Off to milk the goat’s now.

I will keep you posted on the fudge.


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