Comment from Jo-Anne

When I returned from my trip, I ran out of under eye cream and had no
other moisturizer so I thought I’d be innovative and use the lip balm I
bought from your store around my eyes. I had used simple Vaseline in the
past, so I thought to myself – why not the lip balm!

Long story short, I have been using the the lip balm around my eyes at
night for the past two weeks and it has literally been like a fountain of
youth! I am only 39 but have really dry skin around the eye area as well
as a bit of discoloration. Anyway, since using the lip balm, I honestly
can’t believe how healthy and bright my eye area is. Everyone around me
has noticed. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures. I
hardly need to wear any concealer/makeup and the skin is so soft and
moisturized. I also swear that the ‘fine lines’ are less noticeable.

All that to say that despite the intended use of the lip balm not being
for use under the eye, I just wanted to send you my story. Maybe you can
develop a similar product for the eyes based on the components of the lip
balm, like a “hydrating eye stick”. My only regret is that I only bought
three lip balms (all flavoured) so when I run out I will definitely need
to order more – unflavoured this time, though 🙂

Kind regards,

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