New Barn


We have had some real cold weather like the rest of the Northern United States and Canada so the construction as slowed down.  The outside is nearly done except for the doors.  The ground is a little to frozen to drill post holes.  There are some warmer days ahead.

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3 Responses to New Barn

  1. Hilary Prince says:

    I love your blogs and photos particularly. There ARE some warmer days ahead, rather than there IS some warmer days ahead. “Are” goes with plural nouns, e.g., plural “days”. Otherwise there
    “IS a warmer day ahead” singular day. But if the noun is plural then, as I say: “There ARE warmer days ahead.| It may be very rude to correct someone’s grammar but since your blog goes to many people I thought you might like to have correct English.

  2. Hilary Prince says:

    I send your blog all over the world – well at least to friends in Australia and family in England, as well as many friends in Canada.

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