News Bits from Very Near & Very Far

Hello again readers!

This is the kind of news I knew I had better stay right on top of! After what the Humans did to their own home I hesitate to think what this is all about but I am comforted in the thought that it certainly doesn’t look like they plan on moving MY house anywhere!

This all started with a pile of lumber out beside the barn that quickly had a tarp put over it before a freakish November snowstorm dumped a pile of snow on us November 23rd and 24th. Warm temperatures and rain took the snow away but the lumber pile remains. Then the other day they dug some big holes and….

Now doesn’t the Farmer look pleased with herself?! She loves building so we just may be in for a real treat when this is over!

Good building weather…

And she has helpers!

or at least I think they’re helpers…

So I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the progress and report to you when I find out exactly what they’re up to. Rosemary is convinced they’re building a special “Unicorn Room” all for her, complete with canopy bed, HD TV, and an attached “spa room” with Jacuzzi, massage table etc etc… she has an imagination to match her ego that girl!! Personally I’m hoping for a senior’s suite with a chase lounge or two, some rocker-recliners and a big screen TV. The kids want a playroom with trampolines, some of the ladies are convinced it’s a greenhouse (like they wouldn’t eat any plant down to the roots in seconds!!) Time will tell I guess….

Meanwhile, in the not-so-close-to-home news, look what I found when I snuck into the shop:

A postcard from our friend Matt!!! Remember Matt, the summer human? He’s in France! We heard him talking French to people here in the summer but I’ll bet he’s talking more and better French these days! He’s having a good time over there and has plans for more good times before he comes back to Canada. We miss you Matt but I think we miss you even more knowing how far away to are! Stay safe!

I guess Jessie better send us a postcard from some exotic New Brunswick or Nova Scotia location now eh Jessie?! Maybe address is to “Gertie & The Girls in the Barn” so I don’t have to actually sneak into the Shop to eat read it?

Well lovelies, until next time,

Head Goat


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