Much Buzz!

Hello Luvies!

Things are all a buzz around here as the humans get ready for the Great Canadian Goat Run. And the buzz isn’t just here…. look what we spotted when we were eating reading The Buzz the other day And here, in the Northern Star

And there’s plenty of buss out there on Facebuck and Twudder too!

Sparky has gone off on a romantic getaway to another farm for a few weeks. Can’t say as I’ll really miss him but I know a few goats around here who are going to go all doe-eyed when he comes back!

And then there’s Rosemary… Poor little Rosemary just went through the hardest time, in and out of hospital… I think they so spoiled her in there (she says they played cat music for her!), that I’m afraid she’s trying to find a way to go back! No sooner was she home and on the mend when she broke one of her lovely horns off.

Yes, Rosemary is now a Unicorn Goat.

She took quite a liking to that Royal Purple iodine! Now you know our Rosemary… once it’s all healed up she’ll be rockin’ that unicorn look! Besides, she’ll still have pretty much the same profile

The kids are all excited, even though they have no idea what a “Great Canadian Goat Run” is and the little white kids who ran in the 2010 Goat’s Run at the Goat Run 

are all grown up now!

They’ve been telling the kids all kinds of wild stories about what a “Great Canadian Goat Run” is! And you should have heard the story Sparky told the other night about those “Ten Strings & A Goat Skin” humans! It’s a darn good things the kids were all asleep! Gave poor Nutmeg nightmares! Sparky apologized before he left and assured her he made the whole thing up, especially the part about how they go about getting the goat skins…. According to the TS&AGS boys the skin came from “A very, very senior goat – (possessing a donor card) who died in his sleep of old age”

The chickens have a few tricks of their own too!

Round about Halloween they started playing Easter Bunny and hiding eggs around the yard. They weren’t much bigger than an egg themselves not too long ago!

The humans are now trying to convince them to lay their eggs in nesting boxes in the chicken coop, we’ll see how that goes… They keep insisting they want in on the Goat Run, I keep telling them it’s a Goat Run not a Chicken Run, but at the rate they’re hen pecking the humans about it I wouldn’t be surprised if they find a way of getting a chicken or two into the Goat Run.

Humans have been dropping by with food donations for the Food Drive and to pre-register for the Great Canadian Goat Run. A few have come by to drop off Door Prizes too. Next time I’ll give you a sneak peek of the T-shirts the runners are getting – we goats wrote a Haiku especially for them! For the runners who would rather have soap than a t-shirt, look what they have ready

Goat’s Milk Goat Soap!
Each bar is 26.5% Goat’s Milk

Well my dearies, this goat needs her beauty sleep. There’s much to be done before Saturday. I’ll pop back again before then and maybe I’ll even see you out here pre-registering for the Race or dropping a donation off to the Food Drive before then.

Until then,

Head Goat

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