Our October Poetry Jam

The pretty leaves and lovely weather inspired a little poetry jam in the barn the other day. I thought I’d share some of the Goat Haiku that came out of it.

There really needs to be a Goat Publishing Company out there because, let me tell you, goats negotiate with goats way better than they do with Penguins! We know our “Goat Haiku” book will easily make the New Your Times Best Sellers list, and we’re patient goats, so while we negotiate with those Penguins, we’ll just keep sharing a few of our gems here and there with you.

Here now are a few of our October inspired Haiku…

The leaves are turning
red, orange, yellow and golden
and falling off trees

Apples by the door
In bags so you can treat us
Apple Season Rocks!

A goat’s Halloween
Kids don’t go Trick or Treating
They bob for apples

It’s getting cooler
leaves are falling off the trees
Fall on P.E.I.

The Great Canadian Goat Run
We’re so excited
Great Canadian Goat Run
Come celebrate Goats!

Until next time,

Head Goat

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