Running (humans) & Falling (leaves)

Lovely to see you all again!

I had a little something I wanted to share with you all. Now, in all honesty, I see no reason for the “no Soap Company staff & goats” rule to that photo contest the humans run over on their Facebook Page ’cause I’ve got some winners here for their current “Autumn” contest. (But then again, we don’t let the humans on Facebuck at all!) At least we goats can wander around Facebook, (you wouldn’t believe all the farms there!!) and I do get to look at all the lovely photos that were entered (even if we staff & goats can’t vote either).

So, without further ado….

Autumn at The Great Canadian Soap Company, October 19th, 2011

The Kids


Some of the Ladies in the Barnyard

It’s been a glorious day today but there a bunch of rain in the forecast – I can feel it in my bones…

That human guy Alex who works here looks to have some sore bones too. There’s all this talk that he ran a Marathon…. Apparently it started just up the road at Brackley Beach and ran clear to Charlottetown! He didn’t take the direct route either and he wasn’t alone, there were over 250 of them! They think goats do strange things??! They do all this for a shiny necklace, a shiny blanket & pizza!)

Our Alex was the 11th guy to get to the end! It took him 3 hours, 12 minutes and 45 seconds. Yesterday a bus full of school girls visiting The Great Canadian Soap Co. on a field trip all cheered for him. Bet he told them how much he likes his Sore Muscles Whipped Shea Butter!

I wonder how Bridget is liking here Achy Joints & Sore Muscles Prize Pack.

Not *our* Brigit, Bridget Roy from Nova Scotia – The humans put together a box of “Post Run Relief” and gave it to the PEI RoadRunners Club to give away at their booth at the Prince Edward Island Marathon Expo. Bridget won it! The Farmer met her at the Finish Line of her first ever Half-Marathon and presented her with her prize

Here she is with her best friend in a CBC story

Mothers set example with marathon 

Laurie Ann Brown and Bridget Roy of Liverpool training for the P.E.I. race in part to set an example for their children. Laurie Ann Brown and Bridget Roy of Liverpool training for the P.E.I. race in part to set an example for their children. (Ryan Hicks/CBC)

For two mothers, best friends from Nova Scotia, Sunday’s P.E.I. Marathon was an opportunity to set an example.

Bridget Roy and Laurie Ann Brown of Liverpool spent a year training for the event, both losing more than 60 lbs.

“It really does mean a lot,” said Roy.

“We both have young children and we’re role models for our children now, to have a healthy lifestyle.”

Roy and Brown, who ran the half marathon, were amongst more than 2,500 people who took part in marathon events Sunday.

Phys Ed teacher Stan Chaisson sees the event as part of the growing popularity of running growing on the Island.

Just last week I was at Eliot River School with my St Jean Consolidated cross-country runners. Oh my goodness, there must have been about 800 runners there between grade three and six, just in our zone,” he said.

Mike MacKinnon of Miscouche, P.E.I. had the best time in the marathon. He did it in 2 hours and 45 minutes, more than a minute ahead of the second place finisher.

Runners who finished the P.E.I. marathon can use it to qualify for the Boston marathon.


The day before all that the Farmer and her little girl went to the “Kids Spud Run“. They both love to run too. They ran around in circles for 1 Km. They can both run much farther than that.

Now I’ve seen all the photos and I must admit to a bit of disappointment. Despite the name “Kids Spud Run“, I saw only small humans with potatoes on their shirts. Not a real kid or a real spud to be seen anywhere. No wonder there were SO many humans there – promise them goats and/or spuds and they just can’t resist! I wonder if the humans have spuds on the menu this year for their Great Canadian Goat Run…. They sure have Goats!!

That’s right, it will soon be time for The 2nd Annual Great Canadian Goat Run and this year it’s got more goats than ever! We are all really excited with this years plans! It’s a Food-Raiser for the Upper Room Food Bank and a Fund-Raiser to buy GOATS!! from Oxfam Unwrapped!

And look who is coming to play us all some tunes!

The human’s have a webpage with everything you need to know about the Great Canadian Goat Run, it’s here: and the event details are here:

Everything you need to know except whether spuds are on the menu…. They say they’ll have:

Everything you could want in a race…. and Goats!

Sounds like there must be spuds in there somewhere…

And just wait until you see the T-shirts! We wrote a Haiku especially for the occasion! We’re just waiting to hear what colour our Goat Soap Gazette subscribers think they should be. Have you taken the newsletter survey? Pick your favourite colours and you’ll be entered in their draw to win $100. worth of Great Canadian Soap Company stuff!

They’re having a Food Drive too, from November 1st to 11th ( 1/11/11 – 11/11/11 )  so I hope lots of humans will be dropping by with non-perishable food for the Food Bank and love and affection for the ladies and the kids in the barn. And you can come by and see us after November 1st and Pre-register in the Shop for the Goat Run too. Bring some food for the Food Bank and you’ll save $5. off your race registration!

The Great Canadian Goat Run is November 12th. I’ll try to get back with some “behind the scenes” sneak peaks between now and then.

Until then,

Head Goat

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