Oh, Canada….

Oh Canada… we love your diversity! However, you outdid yourself with the diversity, and enthusiasm, of your weather here in the past 24 hours! Already this morning it has hailed on us and something resembling that flaky stuff that starts with “S” fell out of the sky too. (Couldn’t have been though, I hear we’re going to have a nice, warm, sunny weekend.) By milking time last night over 67 millimeters of rain had fallen on us! And it wasn’t falling straight down, it was falling sideways – some parts of PEI saw wind gusts of 200Km/hr!

But we all survived! We don’t have power in the barn or at the resort to lose and the humans didn’t lose their power. The kids are back from camp and Ginger & I are on a special Spa vacation at the resort at the moment. The kids moved out of their little kid-cave and into the big barn to weather the storm. I expect the goats will be a little sluggish and cranky after all the sleep they lost through 2 noisy nights of pounding rain, howling wind and excited kids!

Good thing we packed up the hammocks, they’d have never survived the wind. Just look what it did to our beautiful big flags!!

 Oh, Canada… not the flags… again. Every spring the humans put up these big, bright, beautiful flags.

Everyone knows where we are because of these flags. Even the Royal Couple must have looked down from their helicopter as they flew by, attracted by our beautiful flags, to see the goats & humans all looking up waving (except maybe Clover who was kidding at the time and one of the humans who had her arms full of newborn kid!).

Every year hundreds of humans stop and get their picture taken with these flags. Then, every autumn, Mother Nature turns them into these Performance Art pieces. Now the humans will take them down and it will be next spring before the new big, bright, beautiful flags go up again. At least our sign is still standing so you’ll still be able to find us if you drive by. But don’t drive by…. come baaaaaaa-ck, and drive in!

Until next time,

Head Goat

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