The Mystery Building is a …

Well hello again!

I’m excited to report I’ve solved one of those mysteries on my To Do list! You’ll recall I was telling you just the other day that there was a mystery building out by the path into the woods. This one:

The other night there was much action around it as they straightened it all up, raised it up a bit and even put a window in it!

I snuck a peek in last night and what do you suppose I found? It wasn’t goats, though the new residents, a little unsure of their new home, suggested perhaps they could just share the kids house and pretend they were goats. The kids weren’t too keen on that idea….

No, it was….

The chickens! The mystery building is a Chicken Coop!

Well dearies, I can’t stay, I have to go batten down the hatches. I could tell by my poor aching joints there was a storm coming and a quick check with the Weatherman tells me PEI is under 3 weather warnings!

If you ever wondered why we goats don’t have a trampoline it’s because we didn’t flip it over before one big storm and it blew away, never to be seen again. So, I’m off to round up our hammocks….

Until next time,

Head Goat (& mystery solver!)

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