The Kids are at Camp & the Lawn & Gardens are Done

It seems not a day goes by when there’s not something new around here. Now that we’re back from vacation it’s the kids turn to go to camp!

While they’re at the same resort that we were at, during “Kids Camp” time the resort staff plan activities and Goat Games geared more towards the younger set. They too will have scavenger hunts and do their fair share of sunbathing but there will be no Goat Haiku (though there may be some hoof painting…)

Mr. Bean didn’t go to camp as he was getting too big to fit on the kid bus. He’s just as happy in his role as “big kid on the block” hanging out with Ginger and Rosemary by the gazebo.

In the yard things are really looking up! A whole team of those gardening men in red shirts spent a few days here and when they had left there were plants and flowers, bushes and trees even herbs and spices planted in the gardens.

 They hauled over more of those red Island foundation stones to edge the garden along the front of the shop and when they were all done planting, they rolled out a brand new lawn!

Imagine what fun Matthew & Jessie would have had trying to keep Athena from eating all these lovely new plants had they been planted a couple of months earlier! If you were here at feeding time you’ll remember just how much Athena loved trimming all the nearby bushes!

I can hardly wait to see what it will all look like next year when everything is growing and blooming! If you were here this summer you’ll notice a big difference now, drop by and check it out!

Katie is back to class and so Katie’s Fresh Lemonade is closed for the season. We’re already looking forward to next season at the Lemonade stand!

There’s still lots of visitors coming to see us and we really like all the attention so, if you’re in the neighbourhood, drop in and see us. The Shop is open Daily from 9am to 5pm until Thanksgiving, then they’re open Monday to Saturday 9-5. Anytime the Shop is open the barn is open too!

The mystery building is still a mystery and there’s a pile of lumber out beside the barn – another mystery.

Solving those riddles are top of my To Do List (right under “Get my portrait on the wall”!) and I’ll be reporting back with my findings…

Until then,

Head Goat

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