Our Poetry Jam and Attempt at a Hike


We’re still enjoying our little holiday so this will just be a quick note. I wanted to share with you (and the Farmer) the lovely Haiku I wrote at our Poetry Jam the other day:

I am the Head Goat
so why no photo of me
hanging in the barn?

You like?

I’ll share a few more here that came out of that little session. Here’s Ginger’s

Goats on vacation
do what human like to do
sunbathe and write poems

Rosemary is still a little miffed at the Royals it seems, she wrote

Polished my tiara
and wore my fascinator
but no Will and Kate

And one more I’ll share with you now, Prince penned this Haiku

Summer visitors
flock to see this season’s kids
who examines who?

We are a talented bunch of goats you must admit.

We set out on a hike last night but our adventure was foiled when Matthew caught us up in the yard. We thought he might but we weren’t counting on Sarah and Gail being there too. Matthew we could have sweet talked our way around (or just trampled over) but we weren’t equipped to deal with 3 humans and they sent us back to the resort. Something about the road not being safe for goats or something. Good thing we like the resort so much or we’d make this “escape for a hike” a nightly thing!

Here’s some news from up in the yard….

The house is finally on its foundation

The UFO Landing Pad garden is ready to plant:

And just look at the size of those chickens!!

I see there are a bunch of new “Kid Vids” over on YouTube so if you’re needing a smile or a chuckle, head on over and take a peek. Those kids sure can jump these days and if you think stopping at The Great Canadian Soap Company is all about buying soap – just take a look at the smiles on the faces of the humans in those videos and feel the joy in the experience they’re having!

The Great Canadian Soap Company’s YouTube Channel

Till next time….

Head Goat

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