Greetings from my Vacation!

Hello from my Holiday Spot!

Some of you might have noticed a few of us haven’t been around the barn lately. Well, Ginger and I and some of the white goats are on vacation! Check out our holiday spot:

Grass to snack on and a water view too!! It’s goat heaven back here! Our little holiday spot means there’s much more room for the milking Mama’s and the kids up at the barn and they’re loving all the attention they’re getting.

This is an all inclusive resort we’re at and I have appointed myself the social director in charge of all our fun activities. Matthew greets us first thing every morning and brings us treats during the day, sometimes hiding them around our vacation resort so we can search them out later on our scavenger hunts or when we go geo caching. Mostly though we’re doing a lot of eating, drinking, sun bathing. On rainy days we focus on bird watching and playing games, “Eye Spy” is our current favourite.

There seemed to be a lot of those worker men around yesterday so I snuck up for a peek to see what was going on. They are still working on the house, down underneath it

Other worker men in red shirts with a red truck and a little green machine have been working on that circle in the middle of the yard

Those big ol’ stones used to hold the house up! Now they’ll be a wall around the garden. They’re also making a nice wide walkway into the Shop:

Looks like something is going to happen where that earth is in front of the pink flowers too. Busy, busy, busy! Glad I scheduled my vacation when I did, a gal can hardly get her beauty rest with all that going on!

I do have one complaint to register with the Farmer and whoever else is involved. When I was sneaking around the yard checking out all this new work, I dropped into the barn to say hello to Sparky and the ladies. Look what I found!!! When did this happen??!!

Excuse me but isn’t somegoat *very* IMPORTANT missing there??!!!! Now I realize I’m no longer a milking Mama or the big Billy on the block that Sparky is but this is just not acceptable. I mean it looks lovely and all, a little interior decorating never hurts (even if I wasn’t consulted first) but, I am the Head Goat after all, milking or not, on vacation or not and I expect to be up there too.

Until then


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5 Responses to Greetings from my Vacation!

  1. Lori Weston says:

    Dear Gertie: I believe you deserve a “special” spot on the photo wall. Perhaps a HUGE headshot would be in order and in the Special Spot at the top of the Wall!

  2. gertietheheadgoat says:

    Thank You Lori dear!! I couldn’t agree more. Top, center above Harmony would work for me quite nicely. I do hope the Farmer is taking notes…. Have an especially lovely weekend Lori dear!

  3. Gertie I do say you guys deserve a great vacation! it looks like you guys are having a blast. enjoy your time and make the most of it. You guys are the hardest working goats I know and you deserve the best. Can wait to go down and visit with all the kids again very soon. possibly even tomorrow

  4. gertietheheadgoat says:

    The kids would love to see you Michelle! Supposed to be a little wet today so we won’t be sunbathing. I think I may organize a little poetry jam later today and see how much literary talent there is in the vacationing goats….

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