The Big Kids – My How they Grow!

Hello all!

Now remember I promised you new pictures of the older kids? I’m a little late with them, what with all the Lemonade excitement and all, but true to my word, and better late than never, I have them for you now!

These are the first 6 kids, 3 boys and 3 girls, born to Angel, Tulip, Yagi and Buttercup back in May and June. Here’s a group shot ~

July 19th  Back: Flora 5+weeks Middle: Chloe 5+weeks, Mr. Bean 8weeks Front: Adem 8weeks, Brigit 5+weeks, Cosmo 6weeks

July 19th
Back: Flora 5+ weeks old
Middle: Chloe 5+ weeks old, Mr. Bean 8 weeks old
Front: Adem 8 weeks old, Brigit 5+ weeks  old, Cosmo 6 weeks  old

Here they are in their birth order.

First born were Angel’s twins Adem & Mr. Bean on Tuesday, May 24th. They are exactly 8 weeks old in these pictures


Adem 8 weeks old

Mr. Bean


That Mr. Bean sure loves to eat!! And look at the size of him, he’s the biggest kid here! Even his ears are big (just like his Mama’s). And strange thing…. that Adem looks *exactly* like Yagi’s girl Brigit! In fact, if it wasn’t for Brigit’s wattles (and Adem’s little boy bits) none of the humans would be able to tell them apart!

Next came Cosmo, Tulips boy, on June 7th. He’s 6 weeks old here


CosmoHe’s one handsome lad! There’s a lucky, loving family here on PEI who have adopted him and will take him home some day to their farm.

The day after Cosmo was born, our first girl Brigit was born to Yagi. Here she is almost 6 weeks old


BrigitNow doesn’t she look just like Adem?! They’re even the same size though Adem is 2 weeks older. Strange I tell you, you’d swear they were identical twins!

The very next day, Buttercup evened out the boy/girl ratio with twin girls, Chloe & Flora.



They are the only short eared kids (Clover’s kids had their dad’s long ears). I’ve heard human kids call them the “Alien Babies”! They are tiny, dainty and feminine and everyone seems to love them.

There are lots more kid pictures over on the humans Facebook Page, the album is HERE. There are even videos of some of the kids (and goats) on their YouTube Channel.           Best of all though – come on over and visit them!

Until then…

Head Goat

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