The Great Googly-Eyed Mystery!

We have a mystery on our hands!

When this first started we thought it was a one time thing but now it doesn’t look that way. In fact, we can’t even agree on when it all started making it all that much harder to rule in and/or out suspects. Here’s the situation…

Sometime on or around Canada Day, July 1st, little googly eyed creatures started appearing in and around the barn. The Farmer spotted the first one out on a window ledge and another on the ground just outside the barn window when one of the Mamas was thinking of having a baby (all those dates are in the Master List)

Later, more started appearing over on and around the bench on the Gazebo

They even pop up in the barn!!

As recently as last night another one appeared!

I’ve talked with all the ladies out here, with the white goats in the other yard, with Sparky and with all the kids and it wasn’t any of us goats. None of us noticed them appear either.

The chicks also deny any knowledge, as do the dogs Porsche & Jasmine.

All the humans who live and work here have been pointing the finger at each other and, so far, none of them have confessed to knowing anything about it. They even have a couple of customer suspects – people who have been back more than once and on days when these little creatures appeared.

Most are disappearing, either into the lives of our little visitors who find them here and there as they explore around or perhaps they are going back where they came from. They don’t appear to have any legs though I suppose it’s entirely possible they made their own way to our farm, stayed a while and then left. Humans do that in great numbers every day so why not these critters?!

If you find one, and you can give it a good home, go ahead and take him (her?). They don’t appear to need too much care. Perhaps they eat sand as many have been spotted at the Gazebo where there’s a new sandbox to play in (they’d probably love to be taken to the beach!)

We’re quite enjoying this little mystery, as are the humans (though they are going a little bonkers trying to solve it!). We know eventually, if we keep our eyes pealed, we’ll see just how these little critters are getting here, under their own power or with the help of another creature or human. Assuming, of course, that last night’s arrival was not the last….

Until next time

Head Goat & Super Sleuth

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