The Summer Humans

The humans that work here work pretty hard. In the Shop and Production areas it’s so busy I don’t even attempt to sneak in anymore. Getting my hooves on a computer to get a quick blog post off is quite a feat! I used to just slip in the back door and use the Shop computer but no longer, Shannon, Conor or Alex are bound to catch me. Now I have to be quite clever, and call in a number of favours, to keep you all up to date.

The Summer Staff work both out here with us in and around the barns and in the Shop. They start their days milking the Mamas and feeding the babies and of course we all want our food, water and maid service. Our rooms are cleaned, beds made….

All the while visitors come to see us and the Summer Humans show them around, answer their questions, and even get them to try their hands at Goat milking and Kid feeding! Kid feeding happens around 9am, 2pm & 7pm, it varies day to day, and Milking happens twice a day, around 9am & 8pm. The kids are quite a handful these days, there’s so many of them and in all sizes! The Mamas can give them a hard time too – sometimes they like to play “I bet you can’t get me on the milking stand!” just to see what the humans will do. We have to have our fun somehow!!

At some point our morning human will disappear to the Shop and the afternoon human will take over. There’s 3 of them, Matthew, Jessie & Ellie and we never know which one of them will be around. They are all pretty good with goats and other humans, we like them  so you’ll probably like them too. They know a lot about us already so if you have a question, ask them. If they don’t know the answer maybe Em will be around. She’s our Farmer and she knows LOTS!

Now just so you don’t think we’re being too hard on them, here’s a scene from last night.

That’s Ellie sitting on the Gazebo and Jessie standing looking at her. That’s a visitor sitting with her back to me (her mother is in the Shop shopping).

Some humans get really boring summer jobs, around here the Summer Humans work hard but can play with baby goats on warm summer evenings….

Until next time…

Head Goat

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