Tansy’s boy’s name is….

Well, hello again!

This is just a quick note to let you all know that Tansy’s boy now has a name! We had 43 different names suggested in our 48 hour contest, 10 of those were suggested more than once. There were many great names that made the final cut – “Duke” was an early favourite both online and by visitors to the Shop. “Denmark” was pretty popular with the ladies in the barn as was “Diego”.  The name we liked best was suggested by 2 different people.

As Head Goat, it is my privilege to inform you that in the end we decided this guy..

very much suited this name:


Congratulations to NSWDWMom whose kids were first to suggest the name on Tansy’s blog post. We know NSWDWMom from TwitterMarie Ludwig also suggested “Domino” later on Facebook. Thanks! If you’re coming to the Shop this summer give us a heads up and we’ll get a photo of you and Domino together. You can now tell your friends you named someone else’s kid! This is your moment of Fame!!

Thank you all for all your help in naming the 4 boys this year. We sure had fun going over all your name suggestions. Thanks too to all the Goat Soap Gazette subscribers who helped us name all the girls again this year. Our newsletter subscribers have been helping us name the kids for a number of years now. Some lucky subscribers even won $100. worth of Great Canadian Soap Company products just for offering their suggestion or voting on their favourite name! Every month you too can have a chance at winning a $100. gift pack just by participating in the monthly surveys like these. It’s fun, it’s easy and the prize packs are great!

Until next time

Head Goat


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1 Response to Tansy’s boy’s name is….

  1. Tricia Howe says:

    Love his name 🙂 Congrats to the winners!

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