Our New View from the Barn

I’ve been around here a long time, longer than any other goat. The human’s house we look over at from the barn has been here even longer, it was built by the Matheson’s in the 1870’s.

As I was telling you in my first post here, things really started changing around here this Spring. Back then I shared with you this picture of the house as we see it over here at the barn:

View from the Barn Jun 6Since then, these guys showed up with their trucks, bulldozers, giant Jenga blocks, chainsaws, inflatable pillows and other assorted tools of their trade.

PD ConstructionNow look at our view!!

View from the Barn June 29There are many more photos of the adventure over on the human’s Facebook Page in their 2011 Landscaping Project photo album

There is still much work to be done. They’ve finished turning and moving the house but it won’t be left propped up in the air like it is. It will be getting a new foundation under it and the beautiful old Island stones that made up the old foundation will be hauled out and used around here in the landscaping.

We like our new view. It looks like the house should have faced this way all along.

I just hope they don’t get any ideas about *our* house! We like our barn just where it is and facing just the way it does, thank you very much. Changing our fencing around is one thing, picking up the house, spinning it around and plunking it down somewhere else might work for you humans but don’t think for a minute we goats would be happy with such a thing!

Until next time

Head Goat!

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