Tulip’s boy gets a name!

Good afternoon everyone. Can you believe it took near 24 hours of debate to finally settle on the name for Tulip’s kid?! There were just too many great names and each of us had our own favourite.

Cunningham, Carlos, Cocoa & Clancy were very popular and hotly debated. Cunningham definitely had the greatest meaning going for it (“In Gaelic, the name Cunningham means- Village that has a milk pail“) but not all of us thought it suited him. Some of us liked Cocoa because of his colour and a few of us thought he looked very much like a Carlos or a Clancy. But in the end, it was none of those names.

As Head Goat, it is my pleasure to announce that Tracy Dawn Ellis Lasseter gets the moment of fame for suggesting we name this lovely boy


Tracy figured that since mom had a flower name her kid should have one too. Cosmos are lovely flowers and easy to grow (and is this guy ever growing!!) We ladies in the barn just think it’s a cool name for a cool kid!

Thank you everyone for playing along and especially Tracy for the great name. Let us know if you’re dropping by Tracy and we’ll have a camera handy to get a picture of you & Cosmo!

Sadly, all our kids have names now so this bit of fun has come to an end. We still have 3 expectant ladies here in the barn though and although our Newsletter members have already helped us select the names for any little girl kids born, if there are any little boys born they will need names. We all enjoyed this name game so much we may just turn to you good folk again if there are boys to be named! We’re hoping for girls but only time will tell the number & gender of Clover’s, Nutmeg’s and Tansy’s kids.

The kids love visitors and if you’re here at 9am you can help feed them their bottles. They’ll need a bottle later in the afternoon too so if you’re in at feeding time you’re in for lots of fun and great photo ops!

The Mama goats get milked at 9am as well so if you’d like to try your hand at goat milking, that’s a good time to visit us.

Grab a handful of corn for us from the buckets the humans put out around our fence, we love the treats!!

Until next time

Head Goat.

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