And the Chosen Names are….

Thank you to all our Blog, Facebook & Twitter readers who joined in on our “48 Hour Name Angel’s Kids” contest. In 48 hours you suggested 38 names!

We spent quite a while arguing over the names, reading over your reasons and finally coming to an agreement. Of course Angel had the final say but, as Head Goat, I get to make the announcement.

As promised, here comes the moment of Fame for two people who each suggested a chosen name for one of Angel’s twins…..

Congratulations & Thanks go to Janice MacLean, you have named this lovely little kid:


As Janice told us, in African, the name Adem means “red earth”. We found that not only a great name but very fitting for a wee kid from Prince Edward Island.

Congratulations & Thanks also go out to Nancy Holland. Nancy named this guy:

“Mr. Bean”

Nancy reasoned –

“And B? Well, sorry, but he looks like Rowan Atkinson so I guess (Mr.) Bean will be my pick. He doesn’t look jaded enough to be Blackadder.”

Rowan Atkinson from

Besides your moments of fame here ladies, you can now put “goat naming” on your resumes! If you’re coming out to The Great Canadian Soap Company this summer, please give us a heads up so we’ll be sure to be ready to get a good picture of you and the kid! (Chances are good if you just drop in one of the staff will be able to grab a camera and a get a photo for you.)  And if adopting a little boy goat is on your to do list this year, do let us know!

Again, thanks for all your help, all your suggestions and all the fun

Until next time….

Head Goat!

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