The 48 Hour Name my Kids Contest!

Good Day!

Angel here. We wanted to welcome all the new people who found us over the past week. The humans tell us there’s been an explosion in our Goat Soap Gazette Newsletter Membership and many of those fine folk have gone on to join the Company’s Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter too. Welcome to all of you! Whether you’re far away and only ever get to know us online and through the mail, or you visit our barn and retail Shop in the summer or year round, we’re pretty sure you’ll love the natural goat’s milk soap we give our milk for, and all the other natural skincare products they make here at The Great Canadian Soap Company.

As you’ve probably just read here, Gazette members in past years, and in the past couple of months, had a hand in naming the little girl kids. Since many of you missed out on that, we thought we’d open up naming the boys to all of you. You’ll have to be quick though, now that the girls have names these boys need names too.

So here’s the plan…

Since my twins were born first, we’ll name them first. Here’ s some pictures of our bouncing boys. Like the girl kids, Sparky the Alpine buck is their Dad. I’m a mix of Toggenburg and Nubian.

Newborn. 2pm Tuesday, May 24th.

The first born of the twins we’ve been calling “A”

His younger but bigger brother we’ve been calling “B”

They’re not impressed with being called A and B (and neither are many of you!). So, if you always wanted to name a kid, now’s your chance!

For the next 48 hours (until 9am Eastern time Sunday morning), here and on Facebook, we want suggestions for their names and we want to know why you are suggesting the name you suggest. The only “rule” is that “A” needs a name, suitable for a boy, that starts with the letter “A”. Likewise B’s appropriate name needs to start with the letter “B”.

We ladies in the barn will go over all your names & reasons and pick either the name we like best or the name with the best reason behind it, we’ll just see how it goes. We’ll make the people who submit the chosen names famous by announcing who they are (as will the humans on Facebook & Twitter etc) and along with the honour of naming my kid, if you drop out to visit we’ll be sure to get a nice photo of the two of you together (just give us a heads up that you’re coming). And, since we adopt out the boys, if you have a lonely horse or are a 4H family or just want a lovely (fixed) boy goat, we’ll give you first dibs at adopting the kid you name when they’re old enough to leave our farm!

Now how often do you get an offer like that?!

So leave us your names & reasons, for A or B or both, in the comments here or over on Facebook. You have 24 hours, starting……. NOW!

Have fun! I’ll be back with the results,


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16 Responses to The 48 Hour Name my Kids Contest!

  1. Nancy Holland says:

    Anders was the first name that popped into my head when I saw A’s picture. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the blond chest hair. And B? Well, sorry, but he looks like Rowan Atkinson so I guess (Mr.) Bean will be my pick. He doesn’t look jaded enough to be Blackadder.

  2. Michelle says:

    A is Art.
    B is Bingo.

  3. Mario says:

    I believe that “A” should be called Habitat and “B” should be call Humanity and both could make special guest appearances at the ReStore.

    • Well, we’re looking for names that start with “A” and “B”. But you know, Harmony hasn’t had her kid(s) yet, maybe if she has boys…. Maybe there people who work or volunteer there with A or B names we could name the kids after?

  4. Janice MacLean says:

    Akamu (meaning) Of the Red Earth – Hawaiian
    Adem (meaning) – Red Earth – African
    Adonis (meaning) Beautiful – Greek

  5. Michelle mackenzie says:

    My daughter loves goats and thinks they should be named Alexander and Buster because that is the first thing that came to her mind and it suits them . Alexander after Alexander the great and Buster cause he looks like he is mischievious

  6. Cathleen MacKinnon says:


  7. Alfie and Benji! 🙂

  8. hannah bell says:

    Apple and Berry because they would be a welcome addition to our new little orchard and Ava thinks they are sweet. :o)

  9. Pamela Segarra says:

    Arno – my grandfather’ middle name was Arno, he was from Germany.
    Bobby – my dad’s name is Robert
    I love family names 🙂

  10. J Taylor says:

    To represent both parents’ breeds: Alpine + Toggenburg & Nubian …
    Altog and Nupin
    To represent the parents’ breeds plus the ‘A’ and ‘B’ theme …
    Altog and Burgal

    Well, that was fun! Thanks for the chance to add my 2 cents. 🙂

    Cheers to All
    P.s. posting here & on Facebook – hope that’s okay.

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  12. Gerry Garden says:

    A – Art
    B – Bart

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