Konnichiwa (こんにちは?)! My name is Yagi (   )

and, together with Sparky, I’m thrilled to

introduce you to our darling daughter.

Gertie likely told you all about her birth earlier. She was born on Wednesday, June 8th, right around 5pm. I am a Toggenburg goat and Sparky is an Alpine so our kid is a mixed up bit of this ‘n that.

Poor Conor! Em, our midwife, was away and Conor was 5 minutes away from going home after a long day’s work in the production room (with breaks to bottle feed my wee nephews!) when the kidding started (Conor didn’t find it at all funny!) She did a great job, for a Soap Maker, and helped me deliver the first little girl of the year!

As with past years, we turned to our Goat Soap Gazette NewsletterMembers to help with the naming. In our April/May issue we invited you to suggest your favourite mythical Goddesses. We got lots (and lots!) of great suggestions. Donna Harrington won a $100 gift pack of Great Canadian Soap Company products just for offering her suggestion!

In our May/June issue the most popular names were presented to be voted on. Michelle Mayall was among those who voted and she won the draw for the $100. gift pack.

Well, the votes are all in, tallied, and the names will be given out with the #1 name being given to the first born girl, #2 to the second born, and so on.

And so, it is our great pleasure to introduce you to….


“Brigit was the goddess of fertility.
She had three sons who collectively fathered one son, her grandson Ecne or Knowledge.   She was the mother goddess in the Celtic pantheon with only the Dagda above her in rank.  She is a triune Goddess and that is why she has the attributes, Poetess, Healer and Smith.”  From Magic & Mythology

Sparky & I would like to thank you all, especially those who submitted or voted for the name “Brigit”. We love it and thinks it suits her well. The kids love to see visitors and Sparky and I would love to show her off, visiting hours are the same as the Shop hours;  9:00am until 7:00pm, seven days a week.

Wishing to see you again


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