Buttercup’s Twins’ Names

Greetings Goats’ Notes readers. What exciting news I have; my twins finally have names! My name is Buttercup

and 2 weeks ago yesterday, Sparky

(the Alpine buck) and I had twin girls.

After Tulip had her boy one day and Yagi had her daughter the next I just couldn’t wait any longer! They were probably a bit early, they’re tiny little things, but they’re happy and healthy just the same. They were born on Thursday, June 9th right around 6pm.

They look a lot alike, except for their colouring. The first born of the two is black and brown, the second born is black and white. I’m a LaMancha goat with “Gopher ears” (yes, look closely, I do have ears!). The kids have longer ears than mine, perhaps “Elf Ears” like Clover’s or maybe their ears will be even longer, if Sparky’s longer Alpine ears have any influence.

As with Brigit, it is our Goat Soap Gazette Newsletter Members we have to thank for helping us name them. The 2nd and 3rd most popular Goddess names go to our twins.

We are thrilled to introduce you to…


“Means “green shoot” in Greek.
This was an epithet of the Greek goddess Demeter.”
From Behind The Name



“Flora is the Roman Goddess of flowering plants, especially those that bear fruit. Spring, of course, is Her season, and She has elements of a Love-Goddess, with its attendant attributes of fertility, sex, and blossoming.” 
from Obscure Goddess Online Directory

Drop by and meet them. They are so soft, so small and so darling. If you drop by in the morning just after 9am there’s a good chance you could help bottle feed them! If you’ve never milked a goat and always wanted to, that would be a good time to drop in too! Barn visiting hours are the same as the Shop hours;  9:00am until 7:00pm, seven days a week.

We’ll be seeing you!



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1 Response to Buttercup’s Twins’ Names

  1. Michelle says:

    They are so adorable and I love their names. I can’t wait to come down and visit with them and maybe even get the kids to help feed them.

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