A Cute Story

My word, do I have a story for you! Today those worker-men, who have been busy digging around the house and putting those great big beams under it getting ready to move it, started jacking up the house. They lifted it right off the foundation and, last I looked over, there was enough space, between the foundation and the house, that those kids of mine could have romped in between and never bumped their heads!

But this story I have happened earlier in the day, around 11am when they were just starting to jack up the house…

One of those humans remembered that something very important had been left in the house. Now they knew they could go back in the house later that day, after the worker-men went home and the work for the day was done, but this was so important it couldn’t wait until then. (Rest assured all the human children were accounted for and the dogs, Porsche and Jasmine, were sitting back watching all this like we were).

Everything stopped so the worker-man could go in but…. the door wouldn’t open – the jacking they had done so far had caused the door to jam. Undeterred, they formulated a plan. With a bulldozer boost they went in through the window….


The box was rescued!! 

My word, next to my kids, have you ever seen anything so cute?!

I don’t know what was cuter: the care and attention those worker-men took in rescuing those chicks or the wee birds themselves. We do *cute* by the bucketful around here!

Should be fun watching the house move and turn over the next day or so….

I’ll come back after it’s moved and tell you about it.


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