Meet Jessie!

Hi, Angel here. Gertie’s resting her aching bones today, this foolish weather is hard on her arthritis. But we wanted to tell you about the newest new person around here. Jessie started working here today, joining Matthew  as the 2nd of 3 summer staff. Jessie is a student from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She had a fun start, feeding one of my (yet to be named) little boys.

JessieThen she got down to milking. Here we are together

Like Matthew she’s a quick learner! She was good at getting our visitors to help with the feeding and milking too!

  Stop in the barn on your way into the Shop and say hello. You might just be in time to feed a kid or try your hand at milking. There’s always something interesting going on out here.

They’re making an awful racket over at the house and rumour has it they’ll be moving it in the next day or two. Now that will be something to see, won’t it?!

Look at the treasure they dug up last week!

This bottle came from The MacKinnon Drug Co. In Charlottetown that once stood on the corner of Great George St. & Kent St. (today that would be University Ave. & Kent St.) Here’s a fire insurance map from 1917 or earlier showing that corner and the drugstore. The MacKinnon Drug Co. was in the 1922 and 1928 Telephone Directory but by 1935 Ross Drug Ltd occupied that site.


I wonder what other treasures might turn up before this landscaping project is done…

Talk to you soon!


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