Welcome to Goat’s Notes

Welcome to Goat’s Notes, the official blog of the Goats of The Great Canadian Soap Company. We’re the ones who make the milk, that goes into the soap, that they handmake from scratch, over in the production building, and sell in the Shop.

There’s so much going on in and around the barn these days, we all thought this would be a really good way of sharing it with you.

The most exciting news is that it’s Kidding season! Inside the barn we have 4 new kids!

Angel had twins on May 24th:


Here’s their first home video:

Two weeks later, on Tuesday June 7th, Tulip had her kid. Just like last year, instead of having twins she had one big baby. He’s almost as big as his 2 week old half-brother!


Then, the next day, Wednesday June 8th, Yagi had the first girl!

There are more photos of the kids here: http://on.fb.me/lRf5ov

There will be as many as 12 more kids born here in the next while!

There’s still time to get in on the naming contest, but just until June 14th. Sign up for our Newsletter, The Goat Soap Gazette, and click on the survey link. Even if your name choice doesn’t end up on one of the Kids, you could still win a $100. gift pack just for participating!

We love visitors! Come and see us in and around the barn when the shop is open (9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Saturday). Your kids will love our kids! (You might even be invited to bottle feed the kids if you want to if you land here at feeding time!) If you need a “Cute” fix, we have it! Then head into the Shop and wash your hands at the Sample Sink – the perfect way to try our products before you buy.

sample sink

If you’ve been to see us before then you’ll notice BIG changes in the yard! It all started last summer when they built new washrooms onto the production building. Then they demolished the old Pump House that was housing the washrooms but saved the roof and moved it over between the barn & shop and created a gazebo with it.


That attracted a lot of men who preferred sitting and soaking in the scenery, the goats or their reading to soap shopping and previously just sat in their vehicles. I even heard someone refer to the gazebo as “the Man Bench”! Children like to hang out there too and a survey on our Goat Soap Gazette last year gave us great input as to what you’d like to see out there for folks to look at or do if they’re waiting for a shopper.

This year, on May 6th, bulldozers, trucks and a roller arrived. What followed was days of dozing (them, not us…. we could hardly get a wink of sleep out here in the barn during the day!), truckloads of fill, more dozing, rolling, then truckloads of gravel…. Later came some topsoil… Now there is a huge parking are right beside our barn, a big spot for busses or really big motor homes to park, and a big circular turning area.

I have been assured that the big round area that looks like a UFO landing pad, is not. It is, in fact, a garden area. It will be used for growing the herbs & flowers that, along with our milk, go into The Great Canadian Soap Company products (Lavender, Calendula, Poppy, Rose, Rosemary etc etc). There is more garden area & goodies planned for the area between the Shop building and the Production building.


There’s a photo album documenting these ongoing changes here: http://on.fb.me/mN8qa3

But, just wait until next week! Next week they’re going to start on the house moving! The Boss’s family, the Zembers, are having their house picked up, turned 90 degrees clockwise, and set back behind (east of) where it is now and put on a new foundation!

Current view of the house from the barn

So, if you think things look different around here now, just wait!

We intend to do more “Show” than “Tell” here – it is, after all, not all that easy typing with hooves or sneaking into the shop to write a long blog post. The humans are doing the “Telling” over on Twitter & Facebook and through The Goat Soap Gazette (and Em’s & Alex’s blogs) so join them there to follow along and stay up on all the latest news from the yard and barn as well as the Shop and Production areas.

Until next time….

Head Goat!

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